Will wearing a hearing aid in a tone test cause feedback?

Question by Jaime H: Will wearing a hearing aid in a tone test cause feedback?
My boyfriend has to wear a hearing aid in his left ear. He has to take an annual hearing test for work but someone told us that wearing the hearing aid while he takes his hearing test (the pure tone test) will cause feedback. Does anyone know if this is true?

It is a custom mold hearing aid that you can barely see in his ear if that helps anyone answer this question. (Not the over the ear kind)

And please dont say, “Just have him take the hearing aid out for the test.” That is not an option right now. He has to be able to hear for his job and we do not want them to know he has a hearing aid in one ear.

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I have read your question and I felt the frustration of this form not to be able to ask you a few probing questions that would help me answer your question more effectively. However I would like to email you a few things that at the very least will get you more Information and empower you with a better understanding…with your permission first of course.

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