Will itc and and cic hearing aids fit any ear?

Question by jasin: Will itc and and cic hearing aids fit any ear?
I wear glasses so I will need a cic or itc type hearing aid. Are these type of hearing aids universal in fit? I don’t see how the ear canal could vary greatly from person to person.

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Answer by ZCT
Actually your ear shape is about as unique as your finger print. I read a news article in England one time about a burglar who was caught because he used to always press his ear against a window of a house he was about to burgle. They used his ear print to identify him!

The ear canal is similarly unique. There are two bends in every ear canal which can go in different directions for each person. Then there is the diameter and more specifically shape of the canal that varies too.

During my career I have probably looked in over 12,000 ears! They are all different.

A CIC fits deep inside the ear and so even the slightest imperfection in shape will make it seem very uncomfortable. An ITC fits further out of the ear and of all aid styles is probably the one with the closest to a universal fit since it touches less of an ear than most styles.

All quality hearing aids are made to match the exact shape of an ear by taking an impression of the ear, much like a dentist takes an oral impression for certain procedures. This allows the factory to produce a hearing aid that fits perfectly.

An ill-fitting hearing aid will not only cause a lot of discomfort, but will also be prone to whistling (feedback) and even falling out of the ear.

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  1. melloyellolab2000 says:

    In my 20 years of practicing audiology I have yet to find any one who can comfortably use another person’s custom made hearing instrument.

    There are certainly some companies out there that do make a “stock” type of instrument, but they may not be as comfortable or cosmetically appealing as a custom made product.

    When you order a CIC or ITC your audiologist (or hearing aid dealer) will make a silicone impression of your ear. This is then sent to a hearing aid manufacturer and they will custom build your hearing instrument. Most cases, the instrument is a perfect fit. In a few cases modifications need to be done by your audiologist (or hearing aid dealer) after it has been fit to assure the best fit.

    I would like to mention that by wearing glasses this does not preclude you from using an over the ear instrument. In a majority of cases the glasses will not interfere with BTE (behind the ear or over the ear) instruments, or visa versa.

    There is an industry push lately to fit “open fit” BTE – these are very small, lightweight instruments that fit on top and behind the ear with a very small wire and receiver in the ear canal. This allows your ear canal to stay as open as possible, yet still introducing the amplification you need into your ear canal. It is much easier to adapt to due to the comfort of the instrument and they don’t interfere with glasses either. Check out http://www.my-delta.com for the Oticon Delta which I highly recommend and have fit over one hundred instruments since they were introduced in late April. These instruments (if appropriate for your hearing loss) are more cosmetically appealing than even custom made ITC and CIC’s because they are virtually invisible, and as I said you don’t feel so plugged up as you would with CIC’s due to the open fit.

    I would encourage you to discuss all of your options with your audiologist and make sure you get a trial period that is law in all states, so if you are not satisfied you have return policy. You may lose $ 150 or so if you return your product within the trial period.

    I hope that helps.

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