Will hearing aids help 'tone deafness?'

Will hearing aids help 'tone deafness?'
I have had patients tell me that they were told by their doctors 10 to 20 years ago that hearing aids would not help "tone deafness." This IS NOT true. Tone deafness is just a short way of saying high-frequency sensorineural hearing loss which IS the …
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Loss of hearing can affect quality of life — you just might not realize it
"I thought I was going to have my ears checked and they told me I wouldn't be able to hear my granddaughters if I didn't have something done to my ears," says Lutz, explaining she has difficulty hearing high frequencies. Lutz visited her mother's …
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Texas Hearing Center Now Offers Comprehensive Hearing Aid Selection and
The team at Phelan Hearing Center will first give patients a test using a series of low and high frequency words to determine one's ability to understand verbiage. For many patients, this test will help them realize why they have been having trouble …
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