Will a canister filter work with a fresh air cover on the aquarium?

Question by Kimberly: Will a canister filter work with a fresh air cover on the aquarium?
I have a 40 gallon long aquarium with a fresh air cover for my turtles. I hear canister filters are the best but now can I get the hoses in without crimping them?

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Answer by Varanaman
Cut with a sharp knife, or melt with a cooking blow torch two 1″ diameter holes near the back corners of the cover…


30% of your tank should be “dry land” for the turtle to dry-out, bask and get UV light.
A large commercial basking area such as an Exo Terra Basking Bank works well in deep water. In shallow water, e.g. for Musk Turtles there is a danger of the baby turtle getting jammed under the Bank and drowning. There should be a 2” gap between the lower edge of the bank and the tank floor to prevent this happening.

Exo Terra Turtle Bank

Zoo Med Lamp Stand

Day-time Ultra-Violet light, “normal” light and basking spot heat should be provided by a single 100 or 160 watt mercury vapour UV & Heat Lamp such as the Zoo Med PowerSun lamp. This should have the height adjusted so that the ground temperature directly under the lamp is 95ºF.
The lamp should be on for 12 – 14 hours a day.

Water temperature should be controlled by a water heater with a guard or specifically manufactured for turtles. These are usually pre-set to 75ºF.
e.g. Exo Terra 50 watt Turtle Heater PT-3702
If not, you need to adjust the wheel, screw etc. to 75ºF.

Your turtle should be fed on a mixture of :
Cooked shrimp
Cooked fish (any)
Fresh trout or salmon in worm-sized strips
Lean beef in worm-sized strips
ReptoMin turtle pellets ***
Earthworms (nightcrawlers)
Wax worms
Defrosted shellfish sold as marine fish food
Small snails
Live crickets floating on the water surface

Many older terrapins and turtles require significant quantities of green leafy matter. You can supply this from pond or aquarium plants / weeds and by romaine lettuce.

You should also have a cuttlefish bone floating in the water as a supply of calcium and an aid to natural beak trimming.

Twice a week dry the food with a paper towel and put 2 or 3 drops of liquid reptile vitamins on it …

*** the pellets should be soaked in Fluker’s Liquid Calcium or calcium lactate solution or calcium borogluconate solution for 10 minutes prior to a feed.

Download, save to disc and read this book for further information:


You should NEVER feed live fish to turtles in captivity.
Many live and dead raw fish and shrimps contain an enzyme – Thiaminaise – in their tissues which causes vitamin B1 deficiency and a premature death.
for the scientific explanation.

Cooking destroys the thiaminaise so you can feed ANY well cooked shrimps of fish to your turtle.


As your turtle(s) get older you will find yourself doing very frequent water changes to reduce the smell and cloudiness of the water.
Now is the time to think seriously about a filter !
Aquarium filters are designed for fish, turtles produce a lot more waste so you are best using an External Canister Filter rated at 3-times the capacity of your actual tank.
So, for a 55 gallon tank you need to get a filter for 160 gallons [minimum] to be effective.

We find the FLUVAL brand mid-priced and very reliable over the past 5 years:

You need to do a local internet search for stockists.

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