widex real hearing aid, information please!!?

Question by dear: widex real hearing aid, information please!!?
i am about to buy a new hearing aid , presenty i m using senso diva , i dont have much problem with that but my audiologist says that i need new one (advanced )as i have a very active lifestyle. well , in my budget real-19 are fit , but i m not convinced that are they realy better than diva??? and is there any other model option in the same price range??/
its very important , pls help!!

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Answer by kAudio
If your Widex Diva is still working ok for you and you have no complaints I would continue wearing it. However I presume you have reported to your audiologist issues which is why he/she has recommended a new hearing aid.

There are other brands out there besides Widex. It may be worth getting a second opinion from another audiologist as there are a lot of different hearing aid companies that offer great technology at all price points (some are less than others). It is always good to focus on the features rather than the brand.

Also to improve your hearing you should be wearing two hearing aids, not one. Your brain is wired to hear and comprehend sound coming from both ears – it is no different than your eyes – we see with two eyes and we hear better with two ears: http://www.healthyhearing.com/guides/guide-to-hearing-aids/binaural-two-hearing-aids

Check out all the new technology out there and work with the audiologist to find new technology at the right price for you – that is if your Diva is truly no longer working. There are a lot of great articles on hearing aids at: http://www.healthyhearing.com/

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