Why I regret adopting my dog

Why I regret adopting my dog
You see an adorable puppy peering out at you from behind the bar of their cage, tail wagging, whining with excitement as you approach. After five … My friend wanted to go have a look in the animal shelter so we quickly popped in, and that's when I …
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The Psychology Behind Why Some Kids Go Unvaccinated
When it comes to parents who are worried about the safety of vaccines, the researchers found the messages were not only ineffective, but potentially counterproductive because worried parents became less likely to want to vaccinate their children after …
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Those who have suffered with measles join health officials to urge vaccinations
…I had blisters in my mouth and red bumps behind my ears. A sunburn-like rash started on my … “My hearing has been impaired since I was a young child,” says Moniz, who started wearing hearing aids in her late 20s. “I lost most of the higher …
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