Why I am feeling loneliness?How can I get rid of that feeling?

Question by : Why I am feeling loneliness?How can I get rid of that feeling?
I am feeling very lonely..at home I am not feeling any loneliness..but when I log in messenger or g talk,I see many are online.But they don’t like to chat with me.When I send them messages their reply is very slow.Not only in online,at school,I am feeling very lonely.I think I have no one to care me or just to talk with me.I am feeling the same since I joined in the new school.Now it is my 3rd year at this school.After 2nd year I planned to change the school but I thought later may be this year I could have friends.But I am wrong.I have many dreams about friends and my future.Now I am hopeless.unlike other students I have a problem..with my hearing..I am deaf and I use hearing aids..I don’t know why god made me to live on Earth.I feel like I am invisible to others since no one notices at me.Anyway I just want to avoid the feeling of being lonely and I want to study and get the job of my wish..I just want to avoid that feeling.I don’t need any friends.If I had friends,they would probably don’t understand my problems..Only my mother can understand my difficulties..

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Answer by Secretive
Go outside, look at the clouds, take a big breath and let it out….☺ It doesn’t FIX your problems! Ya I know…lol…..but in some weird way it helps. You can contact me anytime….moslbm@hotmail.com ☺

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  1. Kris says:

    hey, i know what you mean by depression and loneliness, but when you make friends that changes.. i promise that. like one of my best friends lives in arizona and ive never even seen her but i talk to her like everyday just about anything and its a good feeling to have trust in someone. i have friends in my area too. but its important to have friends. im on fb Kristan Turner. if you need a friend ill be one 😀

  2. Adil says:

    I have several friends with all sort of disabilities (hear, see, handicap). The reason for being ignored by people can come from variety of sources. But for the most part, it’s peoples “error”, the fact is they think just because you have some sort of disability it will harden possible conversation between you. People are scared, no matter what they say, they are actually scared of differences. I have all sort of friends, and I’ve never made exceptions between them, nor do I favor any of them as individuals. All people are equal, that’s how I feel, and that’s how I behave. I understand you have troubles with loneliness, my advice to you would be, try to find some sort of amusement, have you been to your local park maybe? It’s summer try going there, I found out that in parks you can find a lot interesting people, if that isn’t an option try finding some socializing club, there are many like those in every country, and every city.

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