Why has my hearing aid stopped working?

Question by : Why has my hearing aid stopped working?
Last night i was just sitting around and my hearing simply turned off. it seems like a low battery at first, (my other had ran out earlier that day) so i went and replaced the battery. however, it still did not work after. I tried basic things like cleaning the hearing aid and i tried a second new battery, nothing worked. sometime during the process it turned back on, and i went on my way but then after just a couple of minutes I heard it fade out over about a second, and stop working. it has not worked since. I have had hearing aids for over 10 years now and am very experienced using them, meaning a lot of simple mistakes i think can be ruled out. I am not sure of exact model name. but my set are by oticon, and are the over the ear style.

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Answer by JK.
How long have you had that particular one? Maybe you just need a new one altogether, and not just the battery.

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  1. Sandra says:

    There are separate parts of your hearing aid. The receiver sits in your ear, there is some sort of connector, and there is the aid itself, which includes a bunch of switches. Those things all age out. You probably need to visit the dealer or a good technician. You can also investigate spare parts (this is just a suggestion, not a recommendation):

    Look up the exact model number and “parts”, also “service”.

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