Why do small hearing aids cost so much?

Question by joker: Why do small hearing aids cost so much?
A dinky peice of plastic with a speaker.2000.00 What a gimmick.

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Answer by proffalken1975
its because there are sophisticated sound balancing computers in some…..and its a lot of electronics in a small space. If you want to wear a huge box tied to your ear you could probably get it cheaper.

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  1. lydia.1_4_1994 says:

    They are small and i’m gussing not that much to make it’s the company taking the advantage of the small design to get more money off us!

  2. Blackwidow says:

    Call a company called Better Hearing in Brookport IL. I use to work for them, they are good and honest and they have helped many people to afford better hearing aids.

  3. R J says:

    Because if you don’t have one you’re DEAF.

    Imagine what YOU’D pay if you lost your ability to find male prostitutes.

  4. melloyellolab2000 says:

    There is a lot of technology that goes into the final product of a hearing instrument. The engineers start with a concept and build a device the size of a backpack. Once they have perfected the processing chip and the instrumentation in that device (which may take many months to a year that involves not only clinical testing, but using this device on individuals with hearing loss) then they have the task of miniaturizing this device to fit, not only in the ear, but to make it as small as possible. So, when you are purchasing a hearing device you are not only purchasing the instrument, but paying for the engineers that have worked on the product as well as the audiologist or hearing aid dispenser that will be programming your device and working with you and the device for the next five to seven years. When it comes down to it – if you use the device for five years you end up paying about $ 1 per day for using the device. Not a bad deal for better hearing. But beware, all hearing devices are not the same. From about one hundred hearing aid manufacturers – about 30 are good and reputable and have good products. When purchasing you have to be aware of the manufacturer and what the product can do – not an easy task for the consumer. So be sure to find a good audiologist who can help explain the differences in manufacturers and models. Good Luck

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