Why Do Deaf People Wear Hearing Aids?

Question by jackdaniels16555: Why Do Deaf People Wear Hearing Aids?
Obviously it would help someone who is hard of hearing but not totally deaf. However, why do people who are flat out, totally deaf wear hearing aids? What would it do if they have no ability to hear something.

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Answer by S P
It does just what it is supposed to do. It helps them hear a little.

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  1. treppab says:

    there are different classifications for being deaf…it depends on where the disability occurs. if there is a problem with your ear drum then they might where a hearing aid so they can pick up on some of the sounds. but if there is a problem with the nerve that connects the ear drum to the brain they wouldn’t wear a hearing aid because it wouldn’t aid them in anyway.

    They also might not have total hearing loss, so they might be able to pick up some sounds with the hearing aid…remember that the government sets where one is considered deaf

  2. Caralee! says:

    I never thought about that
    thats crazy forreal

  3. -Hello-Poppet- says:

    Completely deaf people dont wear hearing aids cause nothing will help them hear,

    parciouly deaf poeple have hearing aids so that when a sound is made the vibrations from that sound is transferd into the hearing aid and sends the message to your brain just like a normal person.

  4. Rosanna says:

    My dad has no residual hearing… hearing aids really don’t benefit him (certainly not with communication), but it helps him to identify sounds from his surroundings. He can be alerted of something that may be going on if he’s wearing his hearing aids that he may not otherwise be made aware of without them.

  5. bj says:

    Maybe it allows them to hear loud sounds, such as a fire truck or police car coming down the street. This way if they are crossing the street they can get out of the way.

  6. Toni B says:

    Even people who call themselves deaf may have some residual hearing. They may be only able to hear faintly very low tones like the beat of a drum or a car honking. It helps them to have some awareness of activity around them.

    It is also very beneficial for those persons to wear hearing aids to hear as much as they can even if they do not totally understand what it is. This keeps the areas of the brain stimulated so that they don’t lose the ability to hear what they can hear.

  7. Deaf fairy says:

    It depends on what you are talking about. some profound have CI and connects from head to the H.A. But depends some who are profound can hear low sounds and only way they can is with H.A. it only depends on situation. you cannot lump us all together with the same hearing loss. We all have different levels different combinations. Iam profound almost 98% loss. i got CI when was little but refuse to use it now and havent for last 4 years. Just depends.

  8. trehuginhipee says:

    I can not speak for everyone, but I can speak in general terms. Most deaf people wear hearing aids because they have been wearing them their whole lives. Doctors believe that hearing aids help everyone with some sort of hearing loss. Doctors try (as well as the parents of the deaf children) to make deaf people more like hearing people. They want them to fit into the hearing world. This is the reason for all of the speech therapy, and the tests that they run. I think, and this is just my opinion, that we need to just let them be deaf, teach them sign language, and forget about all this ridiculous speech therapy for the people that truly can not learn to speak intelligibly. There are some deaf people that no matter how much therapy they get, they will not be understood by the average hearing person. I could go on and on about this forever, but to sum it all up, most deaf people wear hearing aids to fit in to the hearing world as much as possible. BUT there are MANY deaf adults that refuse to wear hearing aids or speak at all.

  9. mrhearing says:

    Well, I am hard of hearing and wear hearing aids but I have worked with a lot of deaf people that is they have no measurable hearing where amplification would be a benefit so you can have profound hearing and still hear or maybe feel sounds but as far as speech goes no use.
    Why? Well it includes them in the sound world it may indicated where a noise is coming from for directionality otherwise you would be dependent on eye site alone.
    They might have some comfort hearing or feeling something, when you have no hearing you really are alone in some sense.
    So it is a case of both providing additional information to the person and personal comfort but there is no speech intelligibility and just because someone says you are deaf does not mean that you cannot have some measurable hearing just like saying all blind people cannot see anything.

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