Why did Officials pass on watching video of illegal border crossers?

Question by ❶•☆•xXx•☆— BOMB ♥ SHELL☆•xXx•☆•❶: Why did Officials pass on watching video of illegal border crossers?
EL PASO, Texas — Keeping our borders safe was the topic of Tuesday’s Border Security Conference held in El Paso.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said the U.S. is sending more aid to protect the border.

Napolitano said she was born in Albuquerque and she had a summer job in Alamogordo when she was growing up, so it was no surprise that El Pasoans packed UTEP’s Undergraduate Learning Center to hear her informed view of border security.

First, Napolitano announced that the federal government is funneling another $ 30 million into Operation Stonegarden, which is designed to help local law enforcement agencies with their border security effort. She also made it quite clear where she stands when it comes to the United States’ joint effort with Mexico to fight a drug war that she says has shared responsibilities on both sides of the border.

While many of the officials at the Border Security Conference were quick to answer questions, ABC-7 got little cooperation when we asked them to watch a two-minute video.

The footage, obtained by the ABC-7 I-Team, shows an open stretch of border without a fence, and, seemingly, without law.

The footage shows a 14-mile gap in the border fence about 25 miles outside El Paso near the increasingly violent Mexican town of Praxedis, a place where many cross the border without any resistance.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano didn’t mince any words when talking about the security effort along the border.

“We have a unique opportunity now with Mexico to really break up these cartels and shame on us if we don’t take full advantage of that opportunity,” Napolitano said.

The video, shot over the last two years, shows men crossing the border along a 14-mile gap in fencing, at times right under the noses of the Border Patrol.

“What’s happening there with no fence? First of all, a fence may not necessarily be a plan, but a fence can be part of the plan if it is married with manpower and alike,” Napolitano said.

ABC-7 came to the Border Security Conference hoping to get officials who spoke to watch the video and give their reaction, but we were turned down by Secretary Napolitano’s aides. Alan Bersin, the special Border Affairs representative, also turned us down, as well as Congressman Silvestre Reyes.

“I don’t know all the particulars … I’ve asked my staff to look into it,” Reyes said.

The only person ABC-7 could get to watch the video was Juarez Mayor Jose Reyes Ferriz.

“Wow that’s a large number,” he said. “It’s information that needs to be processed in the U.S. The U.S. government needs to see that, process it and evaluate it and see what is actually going on.”

Ferriz said that the area near Praxedis is probably not the only place where this type of activity is taking place.


House passes bill to add $ 2 billion for Cash for Clunkers program but has only $ 30 million for border ?

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Answer by Trent
Two main reasons I can figure.

1) They already know what is going on.
2) If they looked at it, they would have to answer questions on why the border is not better secured.

On a personal note. People need to stop voting with their heart and look at the facts. For example look at Obama. He is a very good speaker and presents himself very well, but if you look at his previous service, he has really done nothing. That is why I did not vote for him (nor McCain).

Now people who voted for him are telling me they are disappointed and wish they did not vote for him. My response to that is “You know, Adolf Hitler was a very good orator also. He convinced the people to vote him into power and we see what a disaster that was.”

The point is as the saying goes “people deserve the government they elect.” If you don’t pay attention to who you are voting into power bad things are abound to happen.

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5 Responses to “Why did Officials pass on watching video of illegal border crossers?”

  1. Alfie333 says:

    “Officials” are not too forthcoming in taking a position regarding illegals entering the USA. Sometimes the old saying comes into play and ABC had an iron clad documentary about how where and when the illegals were entering the USA. This topic is as big a hot potato as the present Health Care Bill.

  2. kize says:

    actually the day after obama took office, many camera’s were dismantled and confiscated by Homeland security, wonder why.

  3. Sasori says:

    They don’t want to admit the border is not secure.
    They don’t want the public to know these people are not starving, or going without food at all, they are well dressed, and they are not scared. They are very confidant during these walks to and over the border.

    EDIT: the video ususally has groups of 20-30 crossing at a time.

  4. GreasyTony says:

    Becuase they know it’s all a ploy! Even if the border is more secure, it will NEVER be 100%. The video only shows what? one or two people crossing? LOL!

  5. loco says:

    oh like its a big surprise that we come here and you cant stop us. hahaha

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