Which college is better for me?

Question by : Which college is better for me?
Apologies for the long question. I have two questions but I’ll just make it into two separate Y!A questions. This is the first.

I’m from the UK, and am going to attend a sixth form college (grade 12 & 13 to Americans) in September. (It’s not an university). I am currently awaiting my results which will be out in late August. I have a big hearing loss, but have hearing aids to compensate.

College #1 is consistently ranked the top 3 of the country (England). I did state I had a hearing loss in my application, but they did not mention it in the interview. They did email me and claimed that I didn’t attend an appointment to discuss my needs but I or my parents were never aware we had an appointment pertaining to this. It has about 1,900 students and a 99.8% pass rate. It is secular and large.

College #2 is not in the rankings, but has a 98% pass rate. When they read that I had a hearing loss on my application, they instantly referred me to the disability office and discussed my needs. The college offered me a place in the honours programme (I’d get an extra qualification) and have 1,300 students. They are a small college. But they are a Catholic school.

This is a problem because one, I am not Catholic and two, I’m not heterosexual (and I will not flaunt that fact, but I will not feel comfortable having to hide). Granted, most people who I know that are going there are not Catholic but I’m just apprehensive with the teachers should they ever find out.

The most important thing at the moment is my hearing loss. Both have had experience with students with hearing loss and #2 seems more willing to help, but #1 seems to be a better quality college.

What do you think? College #1 or college #2?

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Answer by June smiles
College # two sounds right to me. You already said there are other non-Catholic students there.

Your personal life should remain just that. You should not entertain in your dorm room for the purpose of sexual activities. There is no need to announce, but if asked, be honest regarding your orientation and state you are not there for “relationships”, but to learn.

It sounds to me so far they wish to admit you as a student. Should you choose that school, be respectful and do nothing which would cause embarrassment to the school, faculty or other students.

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  1. Teddy & Chiliswoman says:

    Don’t make a decision until you go to a new appointment to set up your needs. Maybe your appointment got lost in the shuffle. School 1 may be equally responsive to your needs if you give them a chance.

    Right now school 2 looks better, but I would be concerned about going to a Catholic college when I was gay if I were you . College is a time to study, but also a time for exploration. I’d be worried I wouldn’t feel comfortable.

  2. Kaninchen says:

    I would say College #2. Right now, your hearing loss is the most important thing. So, I would choose a school based on the accommodations that they can provide you, not because of whether it is secular or Catholic. But, if the school being secular or Catholic is important to you, then make sure that you factor that into your decision.

    And plus, from experience, I can sense that College #1 might give you some trouble with accommodations for your hearing loss simply from the fact that your hearing loss wasn’t brought up in the interview. College #2 not only brought it up, but they referred you to the disability office. That’s important. I would see what College #1 can offer to you in regards to accommodations for your hearing loss first.

    So…I would say College #2. But, really, you have to go with your first feeling.

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