where can I get assistance getting hearing aids?

Question by HS Kid: where can I get assistance getting hearing aids?
I’m currently attending school full-time and working a full-time job at Walt Disney World for 7 dollars an hour. Between the tuition for school, and my other bills, and rent, I am having trouble saving enough money for new hearing aids I’m starting to need.

Since hearing aids are not covered by insurance and the prices of them are sky-high, I’m afraid I will not have enough money saved to buy new hearing aids by the time I need them.

I hate to ask for charity but I’m starting to be backed into a corner. Any suggestion about what I could do?

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Answer by Diane D
talk to your doctor….they know places that you can get help from and he will have alot more pull then you because he will know how to work the system!

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  1. LetThemHearFoundation says:

    Check with the vocational rehabilitation department for your state. If you need the HAs to work, they may help you with the cost. Starkey Foundation gives away HAs as well. The other link is not well maintained, but has many sources for funding for hearing aids.

  2. Faith walker says:

    Contact your local Sertoma Club, a wonderful non-profit organization that’s focus is on Speech & Hearing. Perhaps thru Chamber of Commerce would have a contact name. My club has paid for hearing aids & TDY machines for those in need in our own community.Also provided the local hospital with the new equipment to test new born babies hearing. Budgets are being set now. Contact a member in Sertoma & tell them of your plight.
    Sertoma – Service to Mankind
    Can’t hurt to ask ! Good Luck and God Bless you!

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