Where can I find hearing aid repairment over the weekend?

Question by Elizabeth: Where can I find hearing aid repairment over the weekend?
Ok I’m completely freaked out. My hearing aid suddenly quit working because the tubing broke. My audiologist is closed for the weekend!!!!!!! I have no idea what to do! is there a place where I can find someone who can help me find a replacement or something? Does walmart or any retail stores have anything?

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Answer by SandwichGeneration
Do an internet search on the maker of your hearing aid; the company that manufactures your hearing aid may list service centers in your area. Then you can check to see if any of the service/repair centers are open on the weekend.

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  1. ♥ Pixie ♥ says:

    What do you mean the tubing broke did it tear of come out of the mold, because if it came out of the mold all you have to do it get a really thin but sharp threading needle with a piece of thin but strong thread through the eye of the needle and pierce the needle through the end of the tubing that goes through the mold you then make it so a piece of thread is hanging out of both sides of the tubing take the needle out and then put the thread through the other side of the mold so the thread is through the tubing and then going through the mould then pull the thread until the tubing is at the end and then carefully pull the thread out.
    (The tubing comes out of mine al the time)
    Apart from that I think you will just have to wait or you could go to your Ear Nose and Throat clinic.
    If you aren’t likeseriously, seriousley deaf you could just explain to people if you can’t hear them properly that your hearing aid broke.

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