Where can I find a hearing aid online?

Question by Jim: Where can I find a hearing aid online?
My hearing is bad but it’s not that bad to the extent of where I can’t hear anyone. But my girlfriend speaks very low and that’s how she has always talked. Let me make this clear: I’ve considered a hearing aid even before I started dating her. So with that said where can I find a decent, unoticable and subtle hearing aid online or do I have to go through my physician to get it?

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  1. IAN says:

    Please go and see an audiologist and get your hearing tested. Without this you don’t really know whether you definitely need an aid. Buying a hearing aid online you could end up with something that either no use to you, so you’ve wasted your money, or you could end up with an aid that is too powerful and this can damage your hearing further.

    An audiologist will advise you once you’ve had hearing tests and if you do need hearing aids then they’ll make sure that they fit you with aids that are correctly suited and adjusted/programmed to give you the best help with your hearing.

  2. Kelly P says:

    I’d be willing to bet that you have high frequency hearing loss that causes you not to understand women (High pitch) Your low pitches are probably fine. This presents a problem because certain parts of speech like “S” “Shh” and “th” happen in the high frequencies so when people talk you only hear part of the word. (google: Speech Banana) That is why you probably feel like you can hear, it’s just people mumble. You need to find out where your hearing loss is in your frequency range so that the hearing aids can be programmed to your specific loss like a prescription. If you over amplify your good hearing it can mask any benefit from the aid. Most Audiologists can get you a decent price on an aid and tell you what financial programs might be of help to you. They also usually program and service your aid for free for several years. See an audiologist and you can waive your need to see a doctor if you want, if there are no red flags on your test which is another reason to be seen. You don;t want to amplify if it can be treated in other ways. Find an Audiology program at a University they often have an in house clinic for training students. Good luck. Please don’t buy on the internet. You’ll have much better sound quality visiting a professional.

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