What's It Like: To get hearing aids

What's It Like: To get hearing aids
Many people seek out hearing aids because their family members or friends have told them they think they might have hearing loss. Sometimes it's hard for … Next, you'll enter a test booth and put on headphones or insert earphones. The audiologist …
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Technology available to assist DSHS clients with hearing loss
It greatly enhances a hearing aid or Cochlear Implant user's ability to hear in an environment with background noise. Additionally, there is a receiver with headphones that can be used with or without the hearing aids or implants for any clients who …
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Denon AH-W150 sports headphones review
They're brightly coloured, light, and comfortably sit over the outer edge of your ear – almost like a hearing aid – with the actual eartips sitting in your ear canal. The complete earphone element features a multi-tasking play/pause/skip button, and …
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