What would 1789-1990 Europe be like without the ideologies of economic/political liberalism or nationalism?

Question by : What would 1789-1990 Europe be like without the ideologies of economic/political liberalism or nationalism?
If they had never gained wide appeal in terms of politics, society, or culture how would the history of this period be different?

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Compare to the US over the same time period.

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  1. Wade H says:

    On or about the time of the end of the American Revolution, England is said to have, on a lake in Scotland, launched an all steel boiler and steam engined propeller driven warship prototype, capable of kicking American butt.

    However, it cost a pretty penny, as the English had not figured out the Bessemer Process. This meant that steel was very expensive to make.

    What most people think is that if a nation can make a suit of armor out of steel that it knows how to work steel AS WE NOW DO IT.

    This is simply not true. AND more important to this ANSWER on Yahoo, is that cultural necessity prevented modern steel working processes from being discovered in Europe. Cheap, available steel, “in the wrong hands”, was considered a very dangerous thing by aristocracies. And at one time, before the American Revolution, it was able to suppress, even from itself, dangerous technologies.

    Imagine what it is like, for a Cambridge Professor, to be a Cambridge Professor, when Cambridge College was so poor that to make an “experimental electrical battery” costs so much that it takes YEARS to gather that much “wealth”. YEARS to build a collection of washers, made of different metals, to make one coupled electrical device to explore the nature of “high charges” of less than 1000 volts.

    Years went by between the discovery of optics grinding by Newton ~ a man that prior to the enlightenment would likely have been burnt at the stake ~ and practical optics for house hold work by the near and far sighted ! While this lifetime is outside your target date, I feel it should be included. As it is a precursor of OUR enlightenment, in America. (1642-1727)

    So many people would effectively be blind without Liberalism.

    Hearing aids as well would not have been permitted developed by Conserfatives. Many of us would be deaf.

    Automobiles cannot be made without Steel.

    Metallurgy like the metallurgy of Aluminium is impossible without such a revolution.

    Lead and Uranium were thought back then to have been the same material. People would actually shoot “enriched uranium” at wild game, then sell it or eat it, and those that ate of it got sick. But those that hunted with the “good lead” would get more game nonetheless and thus get rich as “great hunters”.

    Large armies frequently suffer mass die offs from diseases, and poor sanitation, AND NOBODY CARED.

    Technologies for containing water did not exist. Dams frequently burst, leading to drownings and a culture afraid for the most part of large public water works. Better water from a dam and reservoir is not a good trade for a drown Village a few short years after it starts flowing later (if without modern technologies the reservoir lasts that long).

    Do you like concrete? Forget about it, without the modern revolution, of Liberal ideas, there is no concrete.

    Oh, there was, but it was so suppressed by the conserfative “intellectuals” who valued “state security” over public welfare that so few knew how to make it the formula was literally lost for hundreds of years.

    Yes, the conserfative mindset will always suppress technological information in order to maximize profits for the few they do allow to know ANYTHING. And by maximized profit they mean minimize the number of freemen so-as to “open up” lands for development by aristocrats.

    Huge tracts of lands, with only slaves on them. That is the ideal offering of the conserfative real estate developer.

    Medicine does not evolve in a culture wherein human individual life is not valued over that of the “breeding program of the slaver”. The really sick infant horse seldom makes it out of the stable; it’s not worth it to the individual slave owner to develop ANY medical care for sick infants they have not invested any “real” money in. The same is true for old horses, why spend money on a dying horse? The soon dead is not profitable, even if it’s fixed up.

    These things require revolution.

    If one desires a long life, on average, then one is a Liberal.

    Even if one doesn’t know it.

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