What will the ENT be looking for at my upcoming appointment?

Question by Skyler: What will the ENT be looking for at my upcoming appointment?
Hello, here is a quick rundown of what is going on. In the very beginning of Dec2012 I noticed a lump on the left side of my neck. It is very hard, non-movable, and completely painless. After a little bit of research I figured it was just a swollen lymph node and I decided to give it a few weeks before I would bother a doctor about it. I ended up seeing my doctor on 26Dec12 and he concluded that it was a lymph node, and that we would wait six weeks before our next visit to see if it goes down. I saw my doctor around 13Feb13 because it felt like it had actually increased in size and he agreed that it has gotten bigger, so he ordered an ultrasound. I recieved the ultrasound on 20Feb13 and I just received my results last week. According to the Radiologist that reviewed my results, he/she concluded that it is a 1.5cm, partially calcified mass in my neck. That is about all of the information that my doctor gave me, he is now referring me to an ENT specialist and I just recieved the information from my insurance company. It says that the following things have been approved-

-Nasal Endoscopy
-Pure tone hearing test
-Diagnostic Laryngoscopy

I realize that the ENT might not actually do these procedures, but if he/she does, what exactly are they looking for? I haven’t had any other test for this such as blood work, X-rays etc. My doctor said that the ENT might do a CT scan on me, but I guess thats something that I’ll find out at my appointment. But if anyone give me some insight on what they will be looking for it would be greatly appreciated!


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Answer by Denisedds
They would just be looking to see if there is anything abnormal in those areas. It is always better to look at something directly if you can.

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