What University should I go to on the West Coast for “Fashion Marketing/Photography”?

Question by oxfordc0mma: What University should I go to on the West Coast for “Fashion Marketing/Photography”?
**My major: Fashion advertisement/fashion photography (somewhere around this, can’t decide).**

**Preferred states: Washington, California, Oregon (Portland)? Feel free to name other schools if you want I am open minded if it’s New york, or something of the like**

I am working off financial aid, and off what I can make myself, I do not have parents that can support me.

I am originally from Seattle, Washington but had to move to Champaign, Illinois due to family (been here for 5 years), I want to get back to a big city environment.
I need to pick a university within the next few months, and would prefer it to be on the west coast. I am majorly into fashion, and import cars, both of these things are my LIFE, along with the ever cliche music.

I am amazing with putting colors/patterns together, clothes: as in putting wardrobes together, and have a natural knack for asking why? or knowing when something is cliche, and needs to be changed up to be different (if that makes sense) in furniture, photography, or clothing.

I want a good fashion prone city/university that I can interact with, connect, meet, and socialize with and be inspired. This is a industry that requires networking so it’s important where I go, or I won’t make it.

My sister still does live in Washington, along with a lot of my old friends, and I would love to be around that but I am just scared that Seattle is not to keen on fashion university’s/schools, as I don’t remember seeing to much/hearing much fashion from there.

I am also worried about meeting emission laws with my car (1981 Toyota Starlet with a 4AGE swap) wherever I end up.

Please help me as the internet has been fruitless in helping me!

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Answer by DrIG
Use the site below to help select your school./

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