What to stock up on for Hurricane Sandy?

Question by Kathleen: What to stock up on for Hurricane Sandy?
I am doing some last minute prepping for the big storm Hurricane Sandy. I hear it is going to hit the northeast pretty hard. Lots of crazy stuff happening in 2012.

What are the best supplies to keep in stock during the hurricane? Any tips would be appreciated!

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Answer by Diana
we live in the philly suburbs and are expected to experience hurricane sandy too. some helpful things to have are flashlights, candles, and radios in case your power goes out. also make sure all electronics are fully charged like cell phones or laptops in case your power is out for a longer peroid of time. hope i helped!

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  1. Hopee. (: says:

    batteries, candles, generator (if possible), water, chips, bread, peanut butter, any food that can last multiple days OUT of the fridge, lot’s of blankets in case it gets super cold, radio and if you have kids, have things to keep them entertained for a little while!

  2. Christopher says:

    Canned food goods, flashlight, batteries, radio, chips, bottled or gallon of water, bleach, plywood and or tape for windows. I wouldn’t recommend candles because of the risk of having fall over and starting an fire, Flashlight would be better to use.

  3. Lucille says:

    Okay close and lock all your windows. Everyone in your house should sleep in your parents room with them. Fill ur bathtub with water(for a bath or something) and keep it there. Make sure you have canned things that don’t need to be cooked. Have gronala bars and dry cereal, poptarts. Now if u have pets make sure they are all inside. Leave bowls of water everywhere! Make sure you have food for them. Make sure you front and backs doors are locked. Have a lot of pillows and blankets-I suggest all of u staying in ur parents room for a week (just in case) have a first aid kit. Asprian, medican, vitamins, bandages. Don’t go outside-don’t let ur pets outside. Fill up 5 BIG bowls of water and leave them on the counter. Make sure all phones, ipad, ds’s, iPods, itouch, and stuff are all charged. And keep the brightness low to stay power and only use them if u need them. Brush ur teeth 3 times tonight. Keep watches with you at all times.
    To help with boredness:
    make a story
    play hide and seek inside
    look at magazines
    look at old yearbooks
    look at old pictures
    *remember to stay inside-don’t let pets outside. And camp out in parents room with them-with siblings and others

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