What kind of hearing aids in best for poor hearing?

Question by : What kind of hearing aids in best for poor hearing?
I am almost 95 years old. Back in 1983, I was in a car accident and lost most of my hearing. I can only hear 4% in one ear and 15% in the other. I have been through many hearing aids and none have really helped me. I live with my daughter and she says that I am just dreaming and nothing will restore my hearing.
I really wish I would find a good brand? Is it possible that maybe a good brand does exist?

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Answer by Krishna
You can contact Mandke hearing services in Pune,Maharashtra state.
I am sure that 101 % possitive result you will get. It is well known firm in Maharashtra. All kinds of hearing needs you will find there

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  1. Patricia I says:

    When it’s due to accident it’s not possible to restore (husband had same thing) so all you can do is amplify to whatever degree possible. Your hearing will still be distorted because of the damage. You might be expecting too much of a restoration to your hearing. If you have hearing aids then you have already been tested.

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