What kind Hearing Aid brand are the best?

Question by MO: What kind Hearing Aid brand are the best?
I have this hearing aid for 10 years and it time for me to buy new hearing aid and I want to know which one is the best.

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Answer by Jenni Q
Most of the major brands are good ones: phonak, siemens, widex, or GN Resound (this is what I wear). Talk to your audiologist to see what would fit best for you!

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  1. longhornfan1722 says:

    Most major brands (Phonak, Widex, Oticon, GN Resound) offer hearing aids that can all do the same things. The best hearing aid is the one that sounds good to you and that your audiologist is comfortable fitting.

    One thing to realize is there have been HUGE changes in hearing aid technology over the last ten years. Hearing aids are almost 100% digital and have much clearer sound. However, the new hearing aids do not “sound” as loud as the old hearing aids.

    There are many new features designed to help you hear better on the phone, in noisy environments, or in large auditoriums. There are also ways to connect your hearing aids to your cell phone or to change the settings using a remote control! Be sure you see an audiologist who will take the time to review all of your options and explain the different technologies and brands with you.

    If you need an audiologist try looking on http://www.audiology.org

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