what is the meaning of live sculpture?

Question by crazzesg: what is the meaning of live sculpture?
what are live sculptures?

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Did you ever hear of stores hiring people to pose in their windows? That would be live sculpture. Did you see the Sex and the City episode where there is a woman that was to look hungry. Carrie made a remark about how do I know she isn’t eating a big Mac after the exhibt is closed. That would be live sculpture.

“Performance art is one of the most exciting and misrepresented forms of artistic expression in contemporary art. It intentionally defies any precise definition, giving artists the authority to combine traditional and non-traditional aspects of painting, drawing, photography, literature, physics, fibers, video, sound, poetry, found objects, architecture, costume design and sculpture. Performance art often blurs the boundaries between art and life and often encourages us to reconsider our beliefs regarding identity, body, space, politics and the definition of art itself. In this workshop, we will look at the most fascinating performance artists from the 1960s to the present while designing our own “live sculptures” and “time-based art.” No previous knowledge of performance art is necessary.

Heather Layton is a Visiting Assistant Professor and Studio Coordinator at the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY, where she teaches a range of courses in Painting and Drawing, Mixed Media, and Performance Art. Her creative research navigates the space between personal identity and the “other,” specifically addressing areas of tension: spaces that have the potential to result in conflict or intimacy depending on the mechanisms of communication. Recent exhibitions include, “Hearing Aids and Other Personal Prosthetics” at the Union Gallery at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and “When the Gods Prayed Back” at the A.R.C. Gallery in Chicago.” from

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