What is the best website to go to that I can apply for help with buying myself new hearing aids?

Question by Cseabeauty: What is the best website to go to that I can apply for help with buying myself new hearing aids?
I am trying to find funding for new hearing aids for myself. Is there anyone that is an activist for deaf and hearing impaired people that can help me pay for new hearing aids?

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Answer by NotAnyoneYouKnow
There are a number of organizations, and manufacturers who are known to provide financial assistance for low-income families or individuals who need help with the cost of hearing aids.

One well-known organization that provides assistance with hearing aids is the Lions Club – you can read a brief summary of the kinds of help they offer – and find your local branch by visiting here: http://www.lionsclubs.org/EN/our-work/sight-programs/assistance-requests.php

A smaller organization that has established a strong track record of advocacy for hearing loss is the Sertoma Club. You can find some info about their hearing aid assistance program here: http://www.sertoma.org/NETCOMMUNITY/Page.aspx?pid=335&srcid=190

It’s worth calling attention to Sertoma’s own suggestion that you look to this organization – Audient, “an alliance for accessible hearing care”, sponsored by the Northwest Lion’s Foundation. You can find Audient’s website here: http://www.audientalliance.org/

(“AUDIENT helps low income people nationwide access quality hearing aids and related care at a significantly lower cost.”)

You may also want to check out the Starkey Hearing Foundation: http://www.sotheworldmayhear.org/ or the Gift of Hearing Foundation: http://www.giftofhearingfoundation.org/

I hope that one or more of those sites proves useful to you. I wish you the very best of luck.

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  1. kAudio says:

    Healthy Hearing (www.HealthyHearing.com) provides a free one of a kind funding guide to hearing aids that lists national and state organizations that assist with funding the purchase of hearing aids. All you simply need to do is fill out what is called the HAPPY (hearing aid personalized profile for you). You answer questions pertaining to your hearing loss and once completed you are not only emailed the funding guide but also a comprehensive hearing aid consumer guide and further information personalized for your problems. A list of hearing care professionals in your area is also provided.

    The other really cool part of it is, you can print off the hearing aid profile and take with you to the hearing care professional’s office to discuss with them your hearing difficulties and hearing aid goals.

    There are many organizations out there to assist individuals but they are often hard to find and keep in mind others are also applying for assistance. That is why this comprehensive funding guide is so great as it summarizes them all for you in one complete list which saves you time and also provides you more options.

    Best of luck to you!

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