What is the best way to sell used hearing aids?

Question by Gary G: What is the best way to sell used hearing aids?
The owner died. We don’t (currently) have the documentation, but she paid thousands of dollars. Any best places to donate them if they cannot be sold for much?

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Answer by Sergio
best way Post it on Ebay.com and that’s the best thing to do,.. and atleast you would make some money from it and you can check for like how much are running for it

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  1. LetThemHearFoundation says:

    You may do better from a financial perspective to donate them to a registered 501(c)(3) charity. You may then deduct the fair market value from the tax return of whomever owns them at the time they are donated (i.e. they are property that passes through the will). On Ebay, you are likely to only get 10-15 % of the retail value, probably towards the lower end since you have no documentation. The value of the tax deduction may be higher (or not, depending on the personal circumstances of the person doing the donating). Of course, this is not legal advice and Your Mileage May Vary. We do accept donations of some types of hearing aids. The Starkey Foundation does also, they are much larger than we are so the types of aids they accept are broader.

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