What is the best way to get a used hearing aid?

Question by : What is the best way to get a used hearing aid?
I am 64 and have my Social Security Disability as income only and no assets to speak of. Even with my Medicare Advantage paying $ 500 per hearing aid I am discovering even the lowest end hearing aid costs close to $ 1000. No way can I afford a copay approaching $ 1000 (since I need two). I am not fussy, a used one is fine. Would a donated hearing be available somehow? Thanks,

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Answer by Flower
I dont think hearing aids are recycled or sold as used.

If you have only SSD as income you might qualify for Medicaid even though you are not 65. They pay totally for one hearing aid.

Try to contact the manufacturers or wholesalers of hearing aids and ask about discounts.

Maybe your audiologist can think of some way to get one.

I dont think Medicare covers any hearing aids, according to Medicare and You 2011

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  1. Kelly P says:

    Contact your local Lions Club. Their philanthropy is hearing and they have programs to help you get into hearing aids affordably. Also you can call any Audiologist office and ask them if they can help you get an application for Starkey’s “Hear Now” program. If you qualify financially you can get a very expensive set of hearing aids for a couple of hundred bucks. Also, if there is a University with an Audiology program nearby they might be able to provide you with discounted aids, place you in a research study with devices or at the very least help find you resources in your area. Used hearing aids aren’t a very good idea because these devices are programmed to your hearing loss and someone elses hearing aid may over amplify for your loss and cause damage your hearing furrier. Best of luck to you.

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