What is a good helicopter flight school for civilians?

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by dbking

Question by Sean: What is a good helicopter flight school for civilians?
I’m looking into learning how to fly a helicopter for a career. What and where would be the best place to go? Can you get any types of financial aid? I heard it is expensive. Thanks.

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Answer by afJosh82
It is very expensive.

Go to guidance training in Prescott AZ. You can train there, and get your bachelors degree at Embry Riddle.

You’ll need excellent training and a bachelors degree if you want to get a good foot in the door.


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  1. Apollo says:

    You can look for helicopter flight schools in your area. Vertical Reference is a great helicopter website, and they have a list of many flight schools:


    One of the better large schools can be found here:

    Financing the training will be the biggest hurdle for student pilots to overcome. The larger schools will be able to help you with it more. Just be wary of any schools that make huge promises and then make you pay all of the money up front.

    I have searched and searched for other reliable good options, and there aren’t many. Let me give you a few possibilities.

    These two offer loans for training, but they may not be adequate to cover the entire cost, especially in a helicopter:

    Pilot Finance


    Sallie Mae offers student and career loans. Check if your flight school is set up with them, or someone similar:

    Also look for aviation college programs like Utah Valley State College. You train at a flight school of your choice while doing UVSC’s online classes. You don’t need an aviation degree to be a pilot, but you may have better financing options through them:

    Go to a local school for more information and to take a demo flight. Then do your homework, learn about training from multiple sources, and plan ahead for the time and expense of training. This will save you trouble down the road. Good luck and have fun!

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