What is a dog whistle?

Question by sasha6321: What is a dog whistle?
ive heard about a dog whistle that is so high frequency, that only dogs can hear it. can cats hear it too? ir is it just dogs? and who else can hear it? i did the hearing test for the mosquito ringtone, and i heard all of them. does that mean that i might be able to hear the dog whistle also? and what about horses and birds. can they hear it also?

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Answer by tlbs101
A dog whistle produces tones that are well above 20,000 cycles per second — well above the range of human hearing (even if you can hear the mosquito ring-tone).

Most other animals that you would come into contact with can also hear dog whistles.


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  1. Ashleigh S says:

    nope, just dogs. that’s kind of why its called a DOG whistle. Duh!!

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