What do you do when a small group of people allows a large group of people to die?

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Question by 1station13: What do you do when a small group of people allows a large group of people to die?
It seems I keep hearing a few Generals in the devastated area of cyclone destruction will not allow aid. What do you do?

Send in a barrage of US Military air cargo ships full of necessary supplies and armed accompaniment and feed some people. Seems a requirement at this point. Now that would be a US military invasion we can get behind. God Bless America.
Surely the Burmese military is not enough to disuade the US. Nevermind the thugs in New Orleans did.

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  1. RobIaSto says:

    Sadly if we did that even with all the people here and elsewhere crying for us to go in and fix things it would turn out just like iraq and countless other times. Quite a few of those who want us to go in now will want us out and swear they never wanted us there in the first place. It is a lose lose for us and just a loss for myanmar’s (burma) population period.

  2. Green Party Ron says:

    Well, it happens all the time, even in our USA (i.e. New Orleans).

    In the case you are specifying, in Myanmar, that is an international question. Since our own nation violated seven international laws to attack Iraq, it is a moot question about legalities these days, and usually, there is a prejudice about what constitutes acceptible international law violations (such as when we claimed our USS Maine’s boiler explosion was an act of terrorism so that we declared war on Spain and stole Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines and Hawai’i and shortly thereafter stole Panama from Columbia) and what constitutes unacceptable international law violations (such as Iran trying to be an independent country and Palestine trying to live free of murder and annexation by Israel by trying to defend itself).

    Yes, god bless America, our evil has been invading other countries and societies since 1840! We need a blessing if it is not too late!

    By the way, America is a vertical hemisphere almost 300 years OLDER than is our United States of America… that little word “of” in our nation’s name refers to the hemisphere of America, not to our nation.

    Now, there are TWO nations of northern America that are officially named “the united states”…. our USA is one of the two, what is the other nation with the name “united states” in it (although it is in another language) ???? Bet you do not know the answer! Few atlases ever show the proper name of that country!

  3. Ian M says:

    Send in military transport planes without consent and they will be shot down by the Burmese Military.

    No matter that the US wants to help it is up to the Burmese authorities to request help. If they don’t there is nothing the US Government can do.

    Tough to accept but it’s there Country.

    Ian M

  4. chris says:

    Burma prior to this was always ranked as one of the most corrupt nations on Earth.

    That area of the world is severely overpopulated compared to available resources. There will always be such problems there.

    So its almost a chicken and egg type question. The more food you give these people, the more they will multiply like insects. The more you take your time hurrying, the more you are sort of letting nature run its course and the groaning ground beneath their many feet breathe a sight of relief.

    All things considered, you want to help your fellow human being.

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