What Cyborg implants are availible currently?

Question by Sutaato: What Cyborg implants are availible currently?
Like for hearing, seeing, ect? What surgeries are their involving “cyborg” implants that can increase human abilities, especially in people who are like legally blind? Thanks.

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Answer by patois
Artificial joints, prosthetic devices, computer chip brain / spinal cord implants for vision/hearing/speech, nanotech for muscle regulation /bladder control, artificial Jarvis heart, new artificial heart by 2010, artificial lung and kidney by 2015, current artificial blood vessels, spinal fusion implants, silicon retinas, polymer-metal composite muscle tissue replacement, hearing implants, implanted electronics for muscle stimulation, pacemakers, tiny turbines for blood pumping, etc.. Robotic and nanotech are the big futures. Here are some recent patents in bioengineering:

This is the leading book on the subject:

And, a brief discussion about the book:

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