What are top 10 things MOST important to people?

Question by Iylenas: What are top 10 things MOST important to people?
Anyone who wants to list their ideas of what the most important things in life are, that people choose to be top priority, I would like to hear from you. If we could choose to be at our happiest, what would we choose, from #1 on. Examples: relationships, shelter, food, friends, home, job, transportation, aid to other countries, educating our fellow humans, etc; I would like to hear all of your ideas. P.S.” If you want to go over “10” that’s ok too. Thanks ahead of time.

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Answer by Nige
Food, shelter, clothing, relationships, health, money, freedom,
interlect, animals, and nature.

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  1. ellz says:

    thats incredibly difficult so in no particular order

    1my mind
    4warm dry shelter
    6the abilty to use all my senses
    6the right to have an opinion
    8the right to learn
    9wellbeing of things around me

    i could go on and maybe there not the most import but they are important… good question thanks

  2. prsctboy says:

    1. My Faith in god
    2. The Love of my Family.
    3. The love of my Friends.
    4. Love and Respect for my Planet, and the lives that depend on it.
    5. Fianancial Securtiy for My family.
    6. A Clean and safe home for my family
    7. To be able to be there for my friends and family when needed.
    8. To treat those in my life with honor , respect, and truth.
    9. MY health, and the health of my family and friends.
    10. Being the best i can be at my job.
    11. Maintaining a sence of humor thru out it all, If you cant laugh, or forget how , you are not living, your merely surviving.
    12. Keeping ones wits about one, to protect ones self , friends and family from those whom will seek to harm, ie staying sharp,and vigilante for the A holes and thieves in this world.
    13. Holding my faith in my country, and always being willing to stand up for her, defend her, and die for her,and the flag that represents her.against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

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