What are the best brands for appliances?

Question by toy l: What are the best brands for appliances?
I’m currently looking for a refrigerator & I would like to know base off of your experience or someone you know who makes the best refrigerator as well which brand to stay away from. I would like to have a stainless steel french or side by side door. Please explain what do you like about it & what you don’t. This is my first time buying one so i’m a little nervous, but I want to make a good choice. Thanks for any advice.

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Answer by Lady in Florida
Before you go to the appliance store, measure your space. A typical fridge like you describe is 70″ high, 36″ wide, and about 31″ deep plus the handles. Most have ice and water in the door. The sides are not stainless, they are textured and painted metal. There are fridges in other sizes, but the selection is more limited and the prices are higher if you need ANY other size, or if you don’t want the ice and water in the door. That is not a mistake, you will pay more if you want smaller or if you want fewer features.

Assuming that you can fit a standard-sized fridge, I suggest the LG for a french door or a Samsung for a side by side. These are the most stylish, and best value brands. The top brand as far as high quality goes (with much less selection and higher prices) is Kitchen Aid. You can get a KitchenAid with stainless steel sides, if that matters to you, but it costs plenty. If you have a galley style kitchen (long and narrow) then get the side by side, not a french door. I personally bought a Samsung counter depth (25″ deep) side by side recently for my narrow kitchen.

Brands to avoid: Not such an easy answer. You’d have to be more specific and post a new question including a link to an exact fridge. Most major name brands have at least some good products. Some brands most people have never heard of make nothing that is good.

I suggest that you go to sears.com and get an idea of the prices and compare the various models. There are three models of Samsung side by side that are identical, except for how fancy the interiors are. The price goes up about $ 100 for each interior upgrade step. Do the interior upgrades matter to you, or would you rather save $ 200? Go into a Sears mall store (with a full appliance section) and look at the fridges in person. Make sure that you like the look of the interior and the exterior in person. Look around briefly to convince yourself of what you really want, so you won’t have any regrets later. Look at the super expensive ones and the cheap ones. Know that the sales associates are paid on commission only, so buy from the person who helps you. It really sucks to help people in the store (for no paycheck) and have them go home and order online.

If you buy from Sears then any warranty work that you need done will be done by Sears. LG has rotten repair service, but that will NOT matter if you buy from Sears. Sears also guarantees the lowest price and has the widest selection, so that is where I buy all of my appliances now.

The best stainless steel polish is by Wieman, sold at Walmart. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Weiman-Stainless-Steel-Cleaner-Polish-12-Oz/15107749

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