What are the atrocities in Africa committed by the Chinese?

Question by : What are the atrocities in Africa committed by the Chinese?
I can’t find to much about this on the news, but I hear it sometimes. That China is involved in African infrastructure in like the Sudan/Darfur region but their is suppose to be human atrocities going on. What are these atrocities and details of it?

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US news makes too much about the human atrocities by the Chinese in comparison to those by the Europeans (and to a lesser degree, the US.). They are actually far better allies to the African COuntries than any of the Europeans and the people and the government generally welcomes them. THe report is more to isolate CHina so ithey won’t be an economic threat towards the Western countries. I’m not saying there is none. In SUdan, teh main issue is that they are supporting the Sudan government and supplying them military aid which is to supress people. CHina is not directly causing the problem but more indirectly. SOme of the project also cost African lives. Chinese mines have poor safety records, and some of the CHinese companies have a lax attitude towards safety. People who analyze Africa mostly consider CHina very good in balancing the problems with dealing with a dictator and helping the people. Whne they start a project, they often include elements that would better the lives of the people. Unlike the EUropeans, who produce useless projects that appears to benefit the Africans but does nothing or worse harms them. I believe CHinese Projects has a higher percentage of hiring Aficans in Africa. Many of the European projects are meant to provide jobs to their own people.

THe reason why there is so much atrocities in Africa is that colonialization has screwed up Afirca. when creating nations , the Powers drew borders ignoring the natural borders of the tribes and force tribes that don’t get along together and worse pit these tribes against each other ot maintain order. Since these countries aren’t natural, only a dictatorship can keep the country together. Since Europe , china and to alesser degree, teh US are old countries where a large population has existed and technological advances has been there for some time, their resources are dried up. Africa has a lot of resources left and to obtain these resources, the older nations tend to deal with unsavory leaders and end up putting up with atrocities.

THe otehr reason why you do’t hear too much of CHinese atrocities, is that we don’t want to draw to much attention to the atrocities we are part of. We are afraid that the CHinese may bring it up in the international arena and that we set a baseline where China can compare us to them.

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