What are some great ideas for an inexpensive baby shower?

Question by pounce: What are some great ideas for an inexpensive baby shower?
I am planning a baby shower for my younger sister. I have asked numerous times for her input as of what colors she would prefer, but mostly just a list of people she would like there. I never received them and have decided I am on my own planning this baby shower now. I haven’t attended a baby shower for a few years and can’t decide where to begin. I would love some ideas or suggestions of where to begin.

She is having a girl (Willow) and is due that the very beginning of November.

Thank you so much in advance!

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Answer by Rain
Aw, her name’s Willow? I’D DO A FOREST/FAIRY THEME! Greens and pinks! Trees and flower decor. Green ribbon with pink flowers!

Do you two have mutual friends? When my friends threw me one, they all had an assignment. One wa in charge of decorations, one of games, and everyone pitched in with food. It was inexpensive but I didn’t care because all of our closest friends came. I also had another baby shower with just coworkers and it was a potluck style. Potluck style just helps out with just not one person doing all the cooking and spending a ton in catering and assigning people tasks will help out with the work load.

My best friend was so stressed out but there were a lot of people helping so really she was stressing over nothing.

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  1. armygirlfriend2011 says:

    Decide on a location, time, and place first of all. Once you have decided that and booked the location decide on a theme or color scheme for the shower so you can buy invitations and get them sent out to the guests as soon as possible.

    After a theme or color scheme has been decided on and the invitations have been sent out, go ahead and search for decorations. Purchase them if you can find them cheap or on sale or if you think they will be sold out in a few days or weeks. You don’t really need much decorations, just some balloons, streamer, and tablecloths. You can buy confetti to spread around on the tabletops or paper centerpieces from party stores as well.

    Food is probably the next thing you need to consider. Make out a list of everything you want to have. The food style is your choice and I’ve seen and heard it done many different ways. Most baby showers just have finger foods (like fruit and veggie trays, cheese and crackers, etc.). I’ve seen some people have full meals however and then others have planned the food around the baby shower theme (example, if the baby shower theme is monkeys the food will be “monkey related”). Go ahead and figure out the design and flavor of the cake you want and purchase or put a down-payment on it at the time you decide on food. You will also need to determine what you want to do about drinks. I’ve seen multiple things here as well and the sky is your limit; bottled water, punch, soda, tea, lemonade, Kool-Aid, etc. You can have a combination of those choices as well. Also don’t forget to purchase the cups, silverwear, plates, and napkins.

    After all of that has been done there isn’t much left to do besides some little odds and ends. If you want to play baby shower games then you need to decide on which games you want to play (there are tons of ideas on Google) and if you are going to give out prizes then those need to be purchased. You can purchase small and cheap presents such as a $ 5 gift card to somewhere, a small candle, a candy bar, etc. You might also want to consider a “thank you” gift to guests but this isn’t necessary. For my sister’s baby shower we just had mints in a bowl beside the door that were wrapped in a white wrapper that said “It’s a Boy”. I went to another baby shower where the gifts were small plastic baby bottles with mints in them and yet another where a napkin was pinned together with a safety pin to look like a diaper and there were Hershey Kisses inside of the napkin diaper.

    On the day of the shower make sure you have plenty of cameras/batteries to take pictures with, a trash can on hand for throwing away items, and a pen and piece of paper in order to write down who gave what presents to the mother-to-be.

  2. awommack says:

    baby bowl towel cups dress stroler

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