Vietnam: Resistance, Regret and Redemption

Vietnam: Resistance, Regret and Redemption
In April 1950, President Truman matter-of-factly sanctioned $ 20 million in direct military aid to support the French war against its Indochina colonies – Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.2 The iron fist of McCarthyism and the Cold War domino theory combined …
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Court hears Bath's request to remove couple from house
… 2013 at 12:10 pm. BATH — The residents of a house deemed unsafe by the city face possible removal from their home, pending a court hearing on the matter scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 17. … Among the efforts to aid Alan and Yvonne Orchard is a …
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The new year is a great time to visit Senior Center
There are also four fabulous special events including Seniors Night Out in the spring, Home Repair Day later that season, Taste of the Coast in the early autumn and the Pumpkin Run in October. If you are a senior 60 … We offer a support group, the …
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