Vibrating vest could help deaf people communicate

Vibrating vest could help deaf people communicate
In a world of hearing aids and cochlear implants, Novich argues a VEST (Versatile Extra-Sensory Transducer) could be a better alternative. "The overall health-care cost for [cochlear implants] are estimated to be around $ 40,000 for just one when the …
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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Review, 2.21-22: 'SOS (Parts 1 & 2)'
Raina and Lincoln race to Jiaying's aid, followed by Gordon and Simmons. Jiaying says that Gonzales said that Inhumans should be extinct and ….. Skye over the back of the head with a pipe, knocking her unconscious. Jiaying tells him to restrain Skye …

America's Only Anti-Semitic Lynching
To avoid identification, several members of the party—which included mechanics, telephone linemen, explosives experts, a doctor, a preacher, and a lawyer—wore leather goggles. To escape detection, the drivers took different back roads out of town. By …
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