Using teeth to help restore hearing loss

Using teeth to help restore hearing loss
A new device – aimed toward people with hearing loss in one year – is helping them hear again, using their teeth. … Leaving the audiologist's office, she says she almost cried when she heard a sound on her right—high heels clicking on the sidewalk …
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Humor Me: A realization of the ear
She wears hearing aids to compensate, though for the first few years of her life my grandparents could not afford to get them for her. Hearing aids didn't come cheap in the 1950s. My mother's hearing loss was never … Of course, I didn't realize that …
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5 Summer Activities that Can Hurt Your Hearing
… on sunscreen, are well known. What's less known, and certainly less reported on, is the risk of hearing loss from summer activities mentioned in our media release below…. … Permanent hearing damage is possible depending on the noise frequency …
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