Two fortresses called Brisbane and Centurion

Two fortresses called Brisbane and Centurion
When Australia last lost a Test at the Gabba, the world was one year away from hearing about a phenomenon called Sachin Tendulkar. … Further down the list, there are several teams with win-loss ratios of three to four wins per defeat at specific venues.

Colorado State student designs hearing aid cover with 3D printing
Last year when she was looking into buying new hearing aids, she realized that many of them had a design flaw that would cause a loud squeaky noise to occur whenever something made contact with them. “This was my money that I would be spending on …
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Hearing Aid? No, Soundhawk Is an Ear Wearable
I don't have diagnosed hearing loss, but I tested the Soundhawk at busy restaurants and dinner parties and on noisy streets—places where even a guy in his 30s finds himself straining to catch the conversation. I also lent a Soundhawk to people in the …
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