Truck Driver – Do you know any Deaf person driving 18 wheeler ?

Question by not here: Truck Driver – Do you know any Deaf person driving 18 wheeler ?
i wanna know if you know anyone who is deaf and drive a truck 18 wheeler ?

Do they can drive 18 wheeler ? if no then why not

why is communicate and hearing is a problem to drive ?;_ylt=AvfTvZWqRGBvgGkRT4n3cW7sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080216193905AA2lwrL

here more story to it of why ……..

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Answer by Marty
as you know you have to pass a strict physical to get your CDL’s. vision and hearing are only two things you must pass. you also can’t be a diabetic or have high blood pressure and drive(uncorrected) a lot do and they lie about it,or i should say their family doctors lie about it.

your question is very interesting and i would test the system if i were you,find out for yourself.

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  1. short shrimp says:

    There are many tests you must pass. A vision test… a medical test… a drug test… and… You must be able to pass a hearing test. How is a deaf driver going to hear if they have an air leak ???

  2. Wired for Sound says:

    Gee… A topic I have personal experience with…..

    I had normal hearing until 1997 when I went deaf, overnight due to an alergic reaction to medication. I did/do not have anything against the Deaf culture, but having been in the hearing world for 44 years, I wanted my hearing back. I also had driven a truck for 20 years by that time and I wanted to still keep my career.

    I opted for a Cochlear Implant, which for all intents and purposes, is a “bionic” ear. I hear with 100% electronics. This differs from hearing aids in the fact that it reproduces “sound” electronically and sends that impulse to the nerve bundle in the cochlea (the part that looks like a shell). Those impulses stimulate the nerves and the brain interprets that stimulation as sound.

    I had 4% speech comprehension prior to being implanted. I now have between 93 – 100% speech comprehension depending on the background noise at the time.

    Am I deaf….. you damn right I am…. If I take off my electronics, I am as deaf as a tree stump. But with it, most people don’t even know I have a hearing loss. Not that it’s an issue.

    What it comes down to is this…. Federal Law states that you must meet certain perameters on a hearing evaluation to pass the DOT physical. I do not pass this portion of the physical without my implant operational. With it turned on and functioning, I pass it with flying colors.

    As far as your friend being discriminated against for being deaf and driving a truck…. I highly doubt it. The law clearly states that you have to have a certain amount of hearing to pass the physical. If he does not meet these requirements, then he fails the physical and is not qualified to drive a truck…. Period!

    I have had some doctors question my implant as far as being “legal” for the Dot physical. There is nothing documented in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations regarding Cochlear Implants. I meet and exceed the minimum requirements set forth for hearing aid use, so I pass the hearing requirements posted in the above publication. Your friend obviously does not.

    If your friend is interested in this technology, check out the following link for information.

    Good luck with this, but I highly doubt you are going to be able to prove your case.

    BTW…. I can hear airleaks…. and sirens and just about anything else a “hearing person” hears…. as long I am hooked up to my electronics. If not… I am stone deaf….

    I hope this helps…. everyone….

  3. gapsusie says:

    They would be disqualitifed on the DOT physical

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