Time For A Parade!

Time For A Parade!
It's still a week away and I'm so sick of hearing about it! Can't we just enjoy Thanksgiving first and then worry about sales? Anyway, here's the … The Collie and Shetland Sheepdog Rescue of Southeast Virginia will be walking the dogs in the Coliseum …
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Extending a hand to fellow veterans
Guevara has seen many veterans who don't get the information or aid they need even though they have been in the VA system for years. For example, Guevara, said veterans with a hearing loss or other disability linked to their time in service aren't …
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Michael Irvin with Dale and Holley
Today's conversation with Michael Irvin is brought to my town fair tire and the VA New England health care system. … Hearing that we hear my kid who is linking it drop. …. Adult Wednesday you'll you know you're government aid group a tobacco …
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