The Burning Desire of Texas A&M

The Burning Desire of Texas A&M
One heard about the brutal initiation rites, the booze, the complaints from faculty that students were becoming obsessed, with the hardest-core Bonfire types basically dropping out for fall semester so they could work without academic impediment on …
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Information and Assistance
The wind's blowing. Can't really remember in the last week or two when it hasn't been. Fall and winter at the coast is upon us. Time to get out the raingear if you're going to play on the beach. Sometimes it seems that our normal weather creates a lot …
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Man jailed after mowing down car salesman in Mansfield
At an earlier hearing William Doran, of Larwood Close, Bradford, West Yorkshire, pleaded guilty to robbery and causing serious injury by dangerous driving. At Nottingham Crown Court he was sentenced to nine years behind bars. The court heard that the …
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