The best ‘invisible’ hearing aids for high frequency hearing loss?

Question by : The best ‘invisible’ hearing aids for high frequency hearing loss?
Ive done loads of research on invisible hearing aids such as implants, or any other devices what you can’t see. These are not suitable for my hearing loss. Please answer: what is the best and suitable inside/invisible hearin aids for high frequency loss hearing? – Richard

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Answer by Sorina
I am a college student studying speech pathology and audiology… So far i have learned that there is no cure for high frequency losses. High frequency losses are usually associated with sensorineural loss and are not curable. A sensorineural loss is due to a problem with the cochlea (i.e. inner or outer hair cell death). A cochlear implant or hearing aid are only successful in amplifying sound; that is, they will only make sounds louder (all sounds, even the frequencies you can hear). Sound amplification will not help clarify sounds (sounds sometimes sound “foggy” if you have trouble hearing some frequency range.)

p.s. i am not an audiologist…you should contact a hearing professional!

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