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A comparison of Electret and Magnetic microphones for hearing aids (Kent State University. Graduate School. Masters Theses : Department of Speech)

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Nolan RemHearLinks Bluetooth Wireless Remote Voice Audio Links with microphone, audio streamer. Long range. Multiple microphones, External audio input for voice and audio transmitting, Volume adjustment, Mute, Clear sound to help hearing loss to understand more speech over a distance. Ideal for the hearing loss, hearing impairment, podcasting, presentation, panel session, distance education, conference, remote hearing aids.

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I need some information on microphones?

Question by My Intentions Were To Offend: I need some information on microphones? That photograph depicts two men (left) with small wired microphones connected to what appears to be tape recorders. What is the oldest these could possibly be? Best answer: Answer by TechnobuffI see 2 men left, I see 1 microphone, I see its […]


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