Tackling hearing loss in Asheville

Tackling hearing loss in Asheville
Hearing loops can help. Not cheap to a venue owner, since careful installation matters, they can bring in custom from those with hearing loss. They work with the telecoils in most hearing aids without additional cost to the user. Neck and other lesser …
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Love Theater But Can't Hear It? Four Showstopping Solutions
If you have hearing aids with a telecoil, you can use an infrared receiver worn around the neck, which will send the signal to your hearing aid. This is the best of the infrared solutions. The sound quality will be much clearer, simply because it will …
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Environmental review updated to reflect government center changes
Case hearing on May 15Meanwhile, a lawsuit brought by attorney Michael Sussman on behalf of three plaintiffs is still pending. The suit aims to stop the center's demolition and reconstruction because it was not subjected to a proper environmental …
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