Superhero kits make hearing aids cool for kids

Superhero kits make hearing aids cool for kids
Many kids hate wearing them because they think the devices look "weird" or "ugly." And when a friend of Ivermee's confessed that her own daughter refused to wear her hearing aid because she found it embarrassing, the U.K. mom decided to do something …
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TruHearing Customers Help Raise Money to Buy Hearing Aids for Children in Need
Despite the prevalence of hearing loss in the US, the cost of hearing aids keep many people from seeking treatment, including families that have children with hearing loss. Providing hearing aids to young children as early as possible is crucial to …
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The disappearance of Jonny Slater
Ginger later told police that Jonny threatened: "If you don't watch your back, I'll burn your house down with you and your kids in it!" When she tried to stop him from leaving with the hearing aids, he pulled a pocketknife on her, she told police. That …
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Derrick Coleman: The deaf Super Bowl champion who broke the sound barrier
His parents both have normal hearing — but they are each missing a hearing gene. He does remember getting bulky hearing aids in elementary school, and he remembers the kids calling him “Four Ears.” He also remembers what it was like to play football …
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