strange hearing test results?

Question by Tati: strange hearing test results?
ok i know a doctor is the best person to ask this of but since the person who gave him the test was confused by the results i thought i post it here to see if anyone ever has heard of it…

my 2 year old was tested and his actual hearing seems to be in range but when they did the electroacoustic impedance test (to tell if he has fluid in his ear) they got strange results… as i understand it if a peak is formed it is normal, meaning no fluid in the ear, and if it flat lines that means there IS fluid in the ear… well my son’s result dipped and it confused the person giving the test… she double and triple checked the results, even rechecked the ear that passed to see if the problem was with the machine…and consistently he got good results in one ear and strange in the other… anyone have a similar experience with this test???

and fyi he is going back anyways as the test they did was on both ears together, he stopped being cooperative so they couldnt get individual ears tested

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Answer by LadyJaneGrey
I’ve had that test. Without more information, it’s hard to give an opinion, but something prompted you to get his hearing tested. Is he shaking his head a lot or hitting it against things?

It is possible he has fluid in one ear. He may need tubes put in.

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