Storm hype masks real weather facts

Portable Light prototypes_2040
Hearing Aid Repair
Image by hoyasmeg
Portable Light pieces are created by women weavers in the San Andreas region of the Sierra Madre, Mexico, who are weaving the portable light technology into textiles using traditional back-strap looms and sewing techniques. Portable Light combines high-brightness LEDs from pedestrian walk signals, water-resistant tactile switches from dishwashers, and rechargeable batteries from the cell-phone industry, all sourced from consumer appliances and standard technologies. A portable, personalized system, the units can be carried with their owners to provide access to light and power when needed. The Huichol shape the light to their particular needs, using the textile surfaces to provide direct, reflected, or diffuse lighting, as needed for cottage-based industries such as community tortillerías, sandal making, repair work, weaving, and beading.…

"Design for the Other 90%
February 17 – May 29, 2009
Of the world’s 6.5 billion people, 90 percent have little or no access to most of the products and services many of us take for granted. In fact, nearly half do not have reliable access to food, clean water, healthcare, education, affordable transportation, or shelter. The exhibition Design for the Other 90% features more than 30 projects that reflect a growing movement among designers, engineers, and social entrepreneurs to create low-cost solutions for everyday problems. Through local and global partnerships, individuals and organizations are finding unique ways to address the basic challenges of survival and progress faced by the world’s poor.

Design for the Other 90% showcases designs that incorporate new and traditional materials, and abandoned and emerging technologies to solve myriad problems—from cleaner-burning sugarcane charcoal to a solar-rechargeable battery for a hearing aid, from a portable water-purification straw to a low-cost laptop. By understanding the available resources and tools as well as the lives and needs of their potential users, these designers create simple, pragmatic objects and ingenious, adaptive systems that can help transform lives and communities.

Watch a video about the exhibition and discuss the designs in the exhibition.

Visit the exhibition web site to learn more about the designs on view."

Storm hype masks real weather facts
An honest if mistaken tendency to see a disaster where there is none leads people to believe that they can't believe what they are hearing. What makes this so odd is the genuine and believable opportunity that these zealots are missing. We really do …
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Hamburg assistant police chief paid 500 in settlement
The increased pay as well as a letter of reprimand were part of a settlement that ended a disciplinary hearing that could have resulted in his dismissal. In addition, Mikac also took back charges of harassment and wrongdoing that he filed against the town.
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Amherst council member faces harassment allegations
Anderson said the warrant was later rescinded because the summons for him to appear was not mailed to him until the day before the hearing, and he was unaware of the hearing date. He is now slated to appear in court before Fiorella on Jan. 28. Anderson …
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