Sound Advice: Earphones Good For Running

Sound Advice: Earphones Good For Running
The BlueAnt Pump HD Sportbuds earphones fit over your ear like a hearing aid, holding them firmly in place while the earbuds go in your ear. A strap connects the left … The Panasonic RP-HGS10-P bone conduction headphones are wired and sell for $ 79.
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Implanted hearing aid uses bone conduction to bypass defective middle ear
There may soon be help for people who have been rendered functionally deaf by problems of the middle ear. Researchers from Sweden's Chalmers University of Technology have developed an implant that bypasses the defective middle ear, transmitting …
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Hearing Aid Eyeglasses Use Bone Conduction To Amplify Sound
The conventional hearing aid is long overdue for a face lift – it's time to say good-bye to in-canal electroacoustic devices. The Wireless Research Engineering Resource Center (RERC) led a team of Virginia Tech students to develop NuWave, a pair of …
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