Snakebite Piercing?????

Question by shyshayne: Snakebite Piercing?????
I am seriously considering getting snakebites, to those of you who don’t know what those are, they are two lip piercings on the opposite side or your bottom lip underneath where your incisors are. I was wondering if you guys and ladies could write down as much information possible about them so I am completely informed. Personal experiences are greatly appreciated. The person with the most information gets 10 points.

And if you are against piercings or don’t like them i really don’t need to hear your opinion.

Thanks in advance 🙂
i was wondering about how much they cost/hurt/how you take care of them.
Whoa, thanks for all your input everybody, but how can you say that they look trashy on girls, i think they look sexy as hell no matter what 🙂

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Answer by Ace
i want one to..=D

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  1. Mallory. says:

    well i dont really know much about them?

    i think that they are super cute. 🙂

    you should get them. 😀

  2. Katlin B says:

    they look really good but they leave big like zit things. make sure you want them for a long times all im sayin.

  3. Mary Baker Glover Patterson Frye says:

    I can’t imagine why you’d want to do that to yourself. Remember, should you have children, you’ll have to explain why you were so spaced out.

  4. Max S says:

    if youre going for an emo/goth/scene/punk look they are great. a lot of the big rock stars have them, as well as a few of my best friends. none of them had problems (infections, etc) afterward. if a girl is looking for that kind of look in a guy then they are completely a plus.

  5. Kara says:

    well what do you want to know about them?
    they are two piercing on both sides of your lip… hurts the same on each side?
    im not really sure what you are wondering about them….

  6. petecox13 says:

    Hey there, I’ve got snakebites, so I think I can answer all of your Q’s here (yay me! lol)

    THE PAIN FACTOR- On the scale on 1-10 (10 being the highest) a lip piercing scores about a 2. However this does depend somewhat on the size you get pierced at. The bigger the needle=the more painful the piercing. I had mine done at seperate times. One was pierced at a 1.2 the other at a 1.6 and the 1.6 deff hurt more. Also, you should note that you will be getting two piercings, so you should prepare yourself to feel twice the pain!

    THE AFTERCARE- You should clean your piercings twice daily for the recommended healing time. To clean them you should use warm water with sea salt. Sea salt can be bought cheaply from health food stores.

    THE RISKS- There are risks associated with lip piercings and these are the erosion of tooth enamel, the receeding of gums and just general mouth problems- these sound pretty scary but are actually avoidable. You can wear bio lip jewerlly (which is made of plasticy type stuff) which isnt so harsh on your teeth as metal is. Usually though placement can solve all of these problems. You just need to be pierced high up enough to avoid your piercings scraping your teeth.

    TIPS- Start off with labret bars not lip rings. Lip rings tend to bend the hole, whereas labret bars help to set a straight, round hole. Also lymph can easily get dragged into the piercing by the ring. Overall lip rings are detrimental to a fresh piercing- labret bars are much better.

    Okay so there you go! If you have any more Q’s I’d be happy to help you!

    Good luck =)

  7. Aaron says:

    just go for it, whats the point in getting it if you dont do it impulsively?
    just make sure you go to a good piercing place, and make sure you get the disinfectant that they tell you to get, other than that, theres no real problem. i cant really think of any other info you’d need, except maybe if you wanted to know about sizes or anything, but whatever standard is should be fine.
    oh and if you want to hide it, get some make up, i have friends that have to, and i didnt even know they had them till they told me.

  8. Alli says:

    Last year me and a lot of other people got our snakebites done, except we used push pins. BAD idea. Our school got all pissed off and made us take them out. It seriously hurt. Luckily, mine didn’t leave scars.
    Now, I wear a fake monroe, because my parent’s won’t let me get a monroe. I got it from You might want to consider getting a fake one, so that way when you’re not emo you won’t be left with the holes.

  9. molly says:

    i love snakebites!

    i’ve never gotten them myself, but my best friend did:
    you usually get them done with studs, and then you switch to hoops later
    make sure you get them done at a licensed place
    and make sure you really want them! otherwise (especially if you’re not good with pain) you’ll get one side done and chicken out before you get the other side pierced.

  10. H.A.E says:

    The snakebites do bleed when they are pierced. The process of it healing is very excrutiating(SP?). Search some videos on Youtube to learn more about how they pierce it and how it looks during the healing process.

  11. Paigeybear says:

    I have one lip piercing and love it. It was a breeze to heal and I’ve never had any problems w/ it. Posts are easier to heal them, rather than rings. Sea salt soaks are your friend during the healing process, and avoid using harsh soaps [even Dial]. Swish your mouth out w/ sea salt water every time you’re done eating, drinking, smoking, kissing, etc.

  12. Beakersaurus says:

    Snake bites only look good on guys, It looks so trashy on girls these days.

    It’ll cost about £60 for both if they’re done properly.

    No piercing hurts very much really, Snakebites hurt less than a labret piercing, It feels like the after sting of getting your butt slapped hard.

    and looking after it is just common sence, keep your teeth clean, use mouthwash frequently until fully healed, don’t play around with the bar to much..

  13. xIMPENDINGxDOOMx says:

    i have snake bites so…

    As far as pain goes, it all depends on what size you pierce at. I Pierced mine at a 12 because i plan to stretch them later on, but the first one hurt for a split second, like a bee sting but really fast, and the second one was pretty bad actually, it stung afterwards for a few mins, its an in al it wasnt that bad.

    Price may vary depending on where you go, mine were 60$ 30 for each piercing and i got them done at a local tattoo shop, but like i said depending on wear you live they might charge you more or less, but your most likely looking at 60$

    while they are int he healing process it recomended that you use mouth wash after every time you smoke, eat drink, anything so that it doesnt get infected, whenever you shower, you should wash them in anti bactwerial soap, i recomend the orange colors DIAL brand, non scented, and mouthwash you should use non alcoholic idk why the piercer just told me to get that kind..

  14. Austin says:

    they are sexy as hell, lol. and like it don’t hurt to get it peirced. i done it myself once, but yeah, you read my question. my folks flipped.
    my girl thinks snake bites are hot too. my friend knows someone who does them. he said it shouldn’t be too mutch over 20$ if even that.
    but yeah. thats all i can tell ya man. like i haven’t got mine permanantly doen yet, so idk about taking care of them.

    thanks for the answer on my question by the way

  15. Sam says:

    ahhh i love snakebitesss <3
    im seriously consider spider bites.
    or a lip ring.

    most piercing are about 35$ .
    i havnt had a piercing that hurt.
    and they give you special like stuff to put on them everyday to prevent infection.
    dont like play with it as much as your gunna want to.
    wait untill its heeled.

  16. ♥Link↓ says:

    Well I’ve had 2 friends get their lip pierced.

    It doesn’t really hurt at all.
    $ 20
    And the person who pierces you will give you a sheet on caring for them.
    Usually they look good, too. So that’s a plus.

  17. Lizzy. says:

    I’ve had a lot of things pierced, but I’ve let all of them grow in except the ones in my ears. They don’t hurt as bad as everyone makes it out to be, and if they grow in they hardly leave a mark unless they’ve been infected. The only scar I have that’s even the slightest bit noticeable was from getting my Monroe. The costs vary from place to place; I did some of mine on my own but the first two I got were professionally done. Each of them cost about $ 20 where I got it done, but I know that some places charge a lot more. How I took care of mine was just trying to keep things out of the hole and using peroxide on a q-tip after every meal and just cleaning around it. Do NOT take out the lip ring for anything. The gap will literally start closing up in a few seconds. That’s pretty much all I know to tell you, but I hope I helped!

  18. No Name says:

    i want snake bites soooo much. like wit a passion.
    my rents are a**holes and will not let me get them but wen my braces are off im piercing them myself.

    first they dont hurt that much. i no cause ive seen them done and all my friends have them.
    cost is generally around 50$
    they are ttly sexy on any guy.

    my Q:;_ylt=Aq_XuMZjG151etOH9.eu5oDsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090307181656AAdXjQB

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