Slayer: Metal Heroes Divided and Devoted

Slayer: Metal Heroes Divided and Devoted
This record marks a significant change, and test, for Slayer, in that it is their first record without founding guitarist Jeff Hanneman, who passed away two years ago from cirrhosis of the liver. It's difficult … “The harder part for me was making …
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Schubert Sonatas 3, Barenboim, RFH
Let's just say of the Sunday-afternoon third in his series that it always fascinated even when it felt odd or wrong, and that Barenboim put Schubert's infinite variety to the test with an unusual three-act play in which pain was but the occasional …
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Tar Iguana, Tympanum
A tympanum is an external hearing gland found in certain amphibians and reptiles, such as frogs, toads and — you guessed it — iguanas. Having emerged from the … Josh West's edgy, tight drumming sets the tone for fed-up lyrics. Lead vocalist Jack …
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